India’s first and largest commercial Aquaponics Farm

The work that began exactly a year ago, at Madhavi Farms, has had its share of challenges, excitement, and interesting changes and adjustments along the way, in perfecting this system, and we are glad that all of it has been resolved, and we are now poised to deliver what we have been dreaming about for quite some time – clean, environment supportive, organic, healthy produce, to our community.

Madhavi Farms has always been organic, for the last 20 years or so, with its complement of Dairy, Bee Keeping, Vermicompost manufacturing, and the building of a Bio hotspot in an otherwise barren region, save for the water guzzling eucalyptus trees dotting the lands of uninterested farmers. Making the move to set up an Aquaponics Farm was a calculated decision to make our Farm productive and commercially viable, yet remain totally within the framework of an eco friendly, organic structure, with minimal carbon footprint, energy consumption, along with a solar driven clean energy system, that powers the entire facility.

With farmers resorting to so many questionable and even abominable practices to grow, nuture, and preserve their produce till it reaches the markets, the use of dangerous chemicals and harmful pesticides has reached epic proportions. The health challenges resulting from the consumption of these disease promoting unnatural products, all cry for a healthy alternative, and nature friendly organically grown products that can promise good health for our families and our children, with guarantees that we stand by our qualities – from the Farm to the Consumer’s table.

We believe the world is changing a little too fast and too soon, directionless, and towards destruction, and mother nature can absorb and take only that much! Each one of us has a responsibility, to give back to planet earth a little more than what we take from it, to bring back harmony & balance, and quality, sustainable, contributory growth.

We believe Madhavi Farms is doing just that – preserving the planet for our future, and still engaging in a viable commercial venture !

This is just the beginning – we have a long way to go before we have the opportunity to make significant, path breaking contributions in this direction, but have hope and confidence that others will follow, and collectively we can make a large enough change to bring about a reversal, and make the world go truly green again.

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