The journey and the challenges have begun !

India’s first Aquaponics Farm has started, but the challenge to market this quality produce has just begun!

Consumers are now aware of the dangers of pesticide and chemical filled products, but are unwilling to accept the prices that they may have to pay for clean, safe and organic produce. When the produce sometimes looks similar on the shelves, why should Organic be twice, or even thrice as expensive?

One would imagine that the 5 star Hotels, that pride themselves on the quality of their food, and with the eye popping prices on their menus, would be the first to lap up Organic produce, wherever available, to offer clean, safe, and high quality food to their guests and residents. Sadly, this is not so true ! The Chefs, in the best hotels and restaurants all over the city, who have tried our samples, swear by the taste and quality, but the process of changing the procurement system to accommodate safe produce is not so easy. Vendors have to compete with other bulk suppliers whose prices on tenders are ridiculously low, with questionable sources and qualities, and try to fit in Organic produce, that is world class quality, at these levels.

Consumers, both institutional and individual, must realise that when they support truly organic farmers, they not only guarantee for themselves good food, that is safe and clean, but also help preserve planet earth significantly. They help keep the earth green, minimise the use of rapidly depleting natural resources, and keep carbon footprint to a minimum, all of which cumulatively makes a big impact on our environment.

Madhavi Farms is happy that we already have discerning, conscious customers who know what it means to support an Organic way of life, and are now our patrons and consumers. The movement is actually beginning at the grass roots level, from the individual, upwards to the retail chains and the star hotels and restaurants, all of who are still cost conscious and reluctant to change, and not the other way around, as we assumed it might be.

We are on the path now. Moving forward, growing Organic and trying to change the way our community and the world looks at food, and all its aspects. The first few steps, in a long, long, journey. We are confident we will get there some day ! Maybe sooner than we know

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